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Is someone chipping away at your money?

Are you looking for someone who committed fraud on you or your company? Identity Theft is a common crime in this day and age. In fact it is the fastest growing crime in the country. If you are not careful...a criminal can steal your personal information, take your money and destroy your credit. You can't always protect yourself from fraud, but if it happens to you, then we are the people you are looking for!

We are a team of Certified Fraud Examiners who can help you recover money that is rightfully yours. Our mission is to is to reduce the incidence of fraud and white-collar crime and to assist you, in its detection and deterrence. Certified Fraud Examiners are specially trained and dedicated to fighting fraud.

Embezzlement and misrepresentation are common crimes. Large corporations and small businesses are frequent targets due to a wide range of factors ranging from limited internal controls to criminal perpetrators and impersonators who steal identities.

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Fraud Examination and Fraud Consultation

We specialize in fraud examination, fraud consultation and fraud research for creditors, attorneys and litigants involved in identity theft, bank fraud, credit card fraud, investment fraud, insurance fraud, white collar fraud, embezzlement and negligent misrepresentation for civil and criminal cases and discovery and recovery of hidden assets nationwide.

allFraud means all types of fraud.

Our services include fraud examination, fraud consultation, reports, fraud research, asset location as well as deposition testimony and courtroom testimony. Let us use our financial expertise to trace the funds! Fraud examination and fraud consultation are our specialties.

California Supreme Court Rewrites an Insurance Policy
Insurance Fraud Investigations are difficult enough. They require a knowledge of insurance policies and the interpretation of insurance policies. When conducting a fraud investigation the insurer and the investigator rely on the policy wording meaning what it says. The courts, on the other hand... [read more]

Would you like to become a Certified Fraud Examiner?
  • We can help you detect and identify fraud in order to prevent and recover losses.
  • We are dedicated to fighting fraud and white collar crime by detecting fraud where it starts.
  • For all your fraud needs call allFraud for innovative solutions for your fraud needs.

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certified fraud examiner, credit card fraud, fraud investigation
certified fraud examiner, credit card fraud, fraud investigation
certified fraud examiner, credit card fraud, fraud investigation